The Boy Who Lived and Partied

I have wanted to throw a themed Harry Potter Party the way that most people want to go sky diving. It just HAS to happen before I die!

The main focus of the party was to bring people (especially those who love Harry Potter) together!
I wanted to create a fun atmosphere that had the feel of Hogwarts.

k so now I'll just let the photos do the talking:

silver linings playbook I mean blog post

a list of the silver linings I've found in the midst of all these trials concerning Sarah Kay's cancer:

  • we get a lot of delicious food from amazing family and friends
  • when I come over I get to lay in bed with Sarah Kay and watch funny videos while we eat said delicious food 
  • time is more precious--not just with Sarah Kay and Derek but with every relationship I have
  • I am more comfortable in not letting the little things offend me because honestly in the end does it really even mater?
  • we celebrate the littlest successes--like when Sarah feels good enough to eat dinner at the dining table = YAAY! PARTY!
  • I spend more time with Sarah Kay and Derek more than I normally would if she was healthy and we were both doing our own thang
  • so many people have reached out to us in an enormous way, showing their love and support through  messages, gifts and hugs
  • my relationship with Sarah's husband Derek has reached a deeper bond because of our shared role as Head Nurse for Sarah Kay. He is the biggest silver lining because of all the amazing support and excellent care he has given his bride. It makes me tear up sometimes because SERIOUSLY he is a champ
  • my family and I talk more frequently and more honestly because of all the harsh realities of cancer and going though chemotherapy
  • my priorities and perspective on a lot of things in life has changed
  • my testimony has been strengthened by my belief that our God is loving, caring, He wants what is best for us and more importantly, He knows what is best for us

isn't this the cutest photo? this was taken at an indian restaurant over the summer when SK+D took NYC


my fake fall break

California dreaming

actually more like California wishing


guys. this weekend was a dream.

this totally rad California trip was planned the second I found out that I had a Friday off from student teaching in october. it was so awesome to have a little fall break (cough cough BYU get with the program) even though it definitely didn't last as long as I wanted it to.

So anyway, Mike and I started our weekend off at the beach in Santa Cruz. the little boardwalk was so adorable, it looked like a movie scene with all the palm trees and old pastel rides. 

I love beachin it. I mean really you can't hate it. the sun, sand, waves, feels and emotions that connect me with the ocean overwhelm me sometimes. this little beach in Capitola was so nice. we dipped our toes in the water, danced around on the sand, soaked up the sunshine and had a nice German couple take our picture.

our next stop was good old San Francisco.

seriously this view tho.

it was so fun to just have all the time in the world to explore Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman's Wharf. I had a Princess Diaries moment in the Musée Mécanique with the arm wrestling Luchador game.


and for the record IT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY HARD! so props to Queen Clarisse of Genovia for winning that game with grace.

after that humiliating loss, we drove up to Lombard street and enjoyed the prettiest pastel sunset sky as we zig zagged our way out of the city. 

Mike had free movie tickets and so OF COURSE we used them after we left San Francisco. I was so giddy and happy that we had enough time on our hands to go and see an actual movie. dating long distance means that every time we get together--every. single. second. counts. 

but because I flew out thursday night,we felt like we had all the time in the world! it was such a happy feeling going to a movie and guess what? I didn't even pass out the whole time! (it was Dracula Untold so yeah not the best decision on my part.....but yolo)

saying good bye to Mike on sunday was really hard. this was the first time I had to say goodbye because I was the one leaving. (and also driving the 11 hrs back to provo made it a little worse)
but how does that quote go again? smile because it happened or something super cheesy?

well anyway, overall it was a wonderful trip and I'm STOKED to go back again soon!