just a jumbled collection of photos

just some shots of my sister Sarah Kay that I've been collecting for my final photography portfolio.




I loved having mom and Mimi here.
so relaxing and nice.
like really, I didn't want them to leave. 

we cuddled a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot and prayed a lot. 
It was so wonderful to have my Mother here in Utah, smothering me with love and food and care. 
we ran around town shopping and sharing our capsule wardrobe pieces.
we spent all day Saturday journeying to the temple (it took us all day cause we had a pit stop in good old gorgeous Sundance). 
we spent time with dear Brimhall cousins and extended family.
we made to do lists for when they fly out for Christmas.
we had a Harry Potter marathon and ate lots of comfort food. there was lots of laughing, teasing and calling Dad to tell him we missed him.

I love my family so much. 
sometimes, when I really think about it, I realize it's pretty hard to live so far away from them. But I am so grateful for all the wonderful humans who have basically become my family out here in Utah. like really tho, I have SO MANY MOMS! it is so nice to have friends who support me, and care for me and my sister. 

life is precious and can be wasted so easily. 
there really is something to be said about YOLOing*
I'm so very glad for family and friends who are helping us live it up right now.

so now stop reading this and go find someone to hug/kiss/smother with love!

*disclosure statement: I don't entirely agree with the term YOLO because I believe it really should be YOLFESMGC = You Only Live For Eternity So Make Good Choices
yolo is much more catchy


sisters in zion

isn't that a great blog title? cause both my sisters are here in Utah (zion) hahaha I am so clever. ...............(but actually Zion is wherever you make it so now that I think about it the cleverness behind my title is nullified......)

so anyway, my little sister Mimi is here in Utah for a week! She and my mom flew out to come visit and spend some time with Sarah Kay, Derek and I.

Mimi just got her braces off. every time she smiles the room glows with her radiance. I've realized that she isn't my baby sister anymore, she's growing into such a wonderful woman right before my eyes. It is neat to see how our relationship has changed over the years. We are so much closer now that we are on opposite ends of America. weird how that goes....

anyway, Mimi is 15 and has four girl cousins the same age as her (once they all get to college it is going to be a PARTY for sure)

My mom, Mimi and I took Amanda and Savannah on a little trip to the temple last saturday. we took a detour in Sundance where we snapped some fun photos.