a bit of my family finally makes it out to Cali to visit!

My sister Sarah Kay and her husband Derek are taking a trip down the coast starting in Oregon and ending in Sacramento, CA to celebrate her finishing Chemo slash just needs a break before school! So we(me) are dubbing this trip the "Kissing cancer goodbye slash SK+D's 2nd Honeymoon slash party in CA with Ishel & Mike!!!!!" trip and I'M SO STOKED!

She really has needed a break for like idk the past whole time she's been battling cancer. This road trip is one of the trips me and Mike want to take, so we are so stoked that they are stopping by to see us slash tell us all the do's and don'ts of their trip!

We're going to cram as much fun as we can in the time that they stop here in Palo Alto.

I'm so stoked.


Documenting too much!???

I have recently noticed a change in myself that occurred last summer after meeting and dating Mike.

For a full year I have kept a steady consistency in my journaling and documenting. We're all great at snapping pics and posting online, but I've been writing, drawing, collecting and gathering so much information about my life in the past year and I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

I am about to finish up my beautifully leather bound book my Dad made (yes you read that correctly--he MADE IT FOR ME) and I am so excited to fill up another one/fifty more!

The subject of 'Documenting life' is brought up in our conversation every once in a while--mostly when Mike thinks I post on Instagram too much. My approach ( at the current moment) on social media and documenting is to post as much as you freakin' want bc live your life and stuff because your life is awesome!! Also what if your phone breaks and Apple can't do anything to bring back your precious pics.

I like this blog because honestly sometimes I cannot pick up a pen but I can type for a million years. I don't understand that but it's real. It's hard to hold a pen sometimes! IDK!

It's also a creative outlet slash rambling outlet for thoughts and feels. kind of like this post! HA!


Just some more love

During our last two days in Cabo Mike and I ate our weight in delicious foods. The first night we got into town, after leaving our amazing resort, and were hanging out at this restaurant called Los Claros eating yummy fish tacos.

We were both sweating buckets(this was a constant in Cabo) and laughing because we finally found a taco shop that was open at 5 PM. While we ate our delicious tacos we smiled at eachother with faces full of YUM and reality hit me--we are so totally married!!!

I suddenly had this wave of love come over me. I smiled at Mike and just couldn't stop smiling! His dark tan skin and blonde hair/beard reminded me of what he looked like when we met last June in Moab. We had been through so much together in the past 13 months of life and now here we are, married and eating tacos in Mexico. It seemed to natural and so bizarre at the same time. Like sometimes I think about how me and Mike came to be and it seems like a total fluke. We met in Moab of all places?? And now we're married. Just amazing.

I felt so happy and so I felt so much more in love with him than the day before. It was an awesome feeling because the wave of love didn't go away. It like, was added onto all the love I already felt for him. It just kept adding up! It's the beginning of an infinite amount of love in my love bank.

I really think I'm starting to understand this quote: "I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow."