professing my love for NorCal and the LDS church

Living here in Northern California for the past 6 months has been AWESOME. There is SO much to do up here; we're 30 min from San Francisco, 20 min from the coast, an hour and a half from Monterrey and about a million other things in between!!

We are slowly coming up on our time limit here in NorCal so we're using up every free day, weekend and spare minute to explore and see the sights.

this was us last weekend checking out the redwoods on a hike in the Sanborn County Park 
On our hike last weekend I was thinking about my church community. By networking through my LDS church community I was able to connect with amazing people out here who lead me to landing the perfect nanny job and finding a place to live while out here! I'm forever grateful that I was able to come out here, and so glad that Mike and I still have some time left here.

I'm so grateful and blessed to have met so many incredible people out here. Like I never want to leave. The vibe here is unmistakable. Mike and I are constantly screaming "IT'S SO PERFECT HERE!" I love the way life feels out here. I have noticed myself soaking in nostalgia and enjoying moments more fully, maybe because it is always so beautiful wherever we go....idk.

Life out here feels slower, yet so energetic. It's an interesting dynamic. Life can be slowed down by taking an afternoon bike ride or visiting the farmers market after work. It has felt like summer since March because the sun stays out so long every day. Honestly like I forget that it's June because it has been just perfect weather for the past six months. Then on the other hand it has felt energetic because of the endless amount of activities to do around us! Plus we stay nice and tan in the sunshine so that makes us feel especially alive! haha

So yeah, we love it here.



**disclaimer: no one is perfect and I am still practicing getting good at all these things.

  1. Always have an active passport ready to go.
  2. Reevaluate any lofty and unrealistic expectations you have about anything; then if anything awesome happens, it's a total bonus!
  3. A love like this is precious, treat it accordingly.
  4. Set aside an hour every day to cuddle and talk with your lover
  5. Bacon is always a yes
  6. Don't spend on what you don't need
  7. Communicate thoroughly
  8. Breakfast food solves a lot of things
  9. Never expect the unexpressed
  10. Be ready to dance at an given moment!


Planning a wedding in 80 days


I feel like I'm typing this post for me. Like I want to write all this down but I don't feel like writing this out in my diary cuz typing is SO MUCH FASTER THANK U 3rd GRADE MAVIS BEACON TYPING SOFTWARE

so the day Mike and I marry we will have been engaged for 89 days. That's a little less than 3 months. I was nervous before we got engaged because like is that enough time to tell people to cancel their vacation plans and hangout with us at our wedding in the middle of summer??? Should we get married next year so everyone can come???? Should I try and please everyone? YES? NO???????

But now being engaged for a month and a half I can tell ya, honestly you don't even need more than 2 weeks to plan your wedding and reception party--it's only because of family flying in and coordinating with 400+ people that it takes so long to let peeps know when to come and celebrate!

***but even then, you could do this in even less time.....according to mike it should only take like five seconds: calling the temple then telling family to fly out in two days aka basically eloping....anyway whatever back to being engaged for like 80 days.

Ok this is me being completely honest: planning this wedding has been so much fun. I was so surprised. I haven't been stressed out or worried yet(except for  a little bit when booking the temple/reception) and I plan to keep it that way. I think it helps to remember that the wedding day part isn't the biggest deal of your life---your marriage is the biggest deal and if you know it's with the right person then you're done! Success!!

But yeah no matter what everyone tells you, the napkins, flowers, your perfect hair, reception hall and even your dress or his tie--don't ultimately matter. So if things go wrong (WHICH THEY WILL) it is not the end of the world. Life happens. Nothing is perfect so don't even stress about making everything perfect.

So now since I'm engaged and am all knowing about all things wedding, here are 3 helpful  tips!!!!!!

1. Create a vision of what you want, that way wedding planning will become fun!

I've focused mainly on what I want our guests to feel and remember. What do we want our reception party vibe to be? I think the perfect vibe that represents Mike and I looks like a relaxed, romantic summer party where everyone can feel comfortable sitting, dancing and playing in a big lush garden. This vision for our reception party gets me excited which then makes all the planning something to look forward to!

2. Break it down

Prioritize your life. What is most important to you and your wedding? For me it is enjoying a totally relaxed, mid summers nights dream reception party, eating yummy foods with fam and friends and having awesome wedding photographs. It is easier to budget your wedding if you know exactly what you want to spend the most money on. Also, spend good money on things that will make you the happiest, like beautiful photographs that will last forever.

3. Delegate!

Give people a job to do! Make people work for you! It will make them feel important for contributing to your wedding day and also it takes stress off of you and your fiance! WINNING ALL AROUND!!

Here's some ideas:
-Have a group of friends or family stuff all your wedding invites! We put on a movie and got it done in an hour.
-have a budding photographer friend take your engagements in exchange for buying them dinner. Honestly it is not that hard to get ONE beautiful photo of you and your lover. Your five year old niece could do it.
-have a meeting with your family to discuss what they can do for the big day. My sister is helping design our invites--SCORE! My aunts helped me plan out food and decor ideas--SO HELPFUL! My dad is giving us a custom painted guest book for the party--AWESOME! Seriously just use people, if they truly love you and are excited for the big day they will WANT to help.

last rant: Honestly GET STOKED ABOUT IT! Imagine everyone you love coming together in one place for an entire night--the only other time that will happen is at your funeral so enjoy this amazing party because it is a once in a lifetime event!!!!!!!!!!!