can't believe I'm writing about this

let's talk about FINANCE YEAH!

I'm in Family Finance this semester at BYU and honestly it's like I'm back in 3rd grade listening to my Dad read "The Richest Man in Babylon" during our Family Home evening lesson. One of our extra credit opportunities is to write a blog post about a financial topic so heeeeeere goes:

There are a million things I want to buy right now. Like it's bad.

I would say that I've always enjoyed shopping--well, after an hour I am so done-- but you could still say I'm a good shopper. I've never needed too much and always bought second hand things for my kitchen, clothes and tools. However, since getting married and moving in together with my husband I've experienced this crazy need to buy beautifully designed things for our home! I've never ever EVER cared this much about products and their quality, color and design. Like just look at my Pinterest boards why am I so suddenly obsessed with things to fill our home with?? I'm addicted to looking at beautiful, fun things. And like it's so tempting right now to buy nice things to cook with, wear, decorate and use in our home together because we both have jobs and have saved so much from the past year working full-time.

So what's wrong with me and why do I want to buy everything? I think I figured it out. Since getting married my expectations have changed. I think that I've felt pressure to create a nice home because now I'm a wife and can be classified as a homemaker. I also think that I want to fill our home with pretty things to impress our friends who come over for dinner dates and parties. Another bad habit that's formed is that I'm so used to using gift cards for everything because we were lucky and received great gifts from our wedding guests. I've done some major self evaluating and realized I need to re-set my financial habits that I've had my whole life. I've resolved to start practicing better money habits starting NOW; here are some of my goals:

  • before purchasing something, wait 3 days and re-evaluate.
  • before purchasing from a major store, check thrift and cheaper places--if product doesn't need to be of good quality..i.e. paper towels, tp, ziploc bags
  • practice tithing first, then paying myself 10% in savings
  • take a month off from online browsing/online shopping
  • if there's something that I really really want--ask for it for my birthday in May
  • instead of going out to dinner with friends, play games or something free instead
  • use the gift cards we have left instead of paying with money
  • count three things I'm grateful for every time I feel like complaining
Well there we go. Now that it's out on the internet I have to be accountable haha 


6 months WAAAT

WOOOOOOOOOOW I haven't posted photos on this blog in like 6 posts hahaha wow. It's weird like all I've been doing is writing writing writing. I've been looking through wedding photos because Mike and I hit our 6 month mark a couple days go. I found some random faves and decided to fill this post up with them because I've missed pretty photos in this space (oh and I'm not sure if I've shared them here not and too lazy to find out so ...)

Half a year! WHOA! Mike and I were joking about how our 1st six months of marriage were the best ever like how is the rest of our life going to live up to them??? Living together in perfect California, Road tripping and camping down through Big Sur, beachin' it in Laguna, chillin' in Disney, taking a leap and traveling to four different countries, petting llamas, swimming in the Amazon, sweating in Cartagena and then sailing on a boat for a week through the most gorgeous Pirates of the Caribbean style islands...oh and then going to the gorgeous LDS temple in Panama City!

It's just been the most incredible slash unforgettable slash overwhelmingly happy journey!! And like nothing will replace these memories we've made in the past six months--especially not me being in school and Mike working fulltime hahaha not really noteworthy but hey that's life-- but I know that our next adventures, whatever they may be, will be magical and unforgettable in their own way. I'm so happy I married Mike. We're 600x more in love than the second we walked out of the Salt Lake City temple together and so grateful for all the amazing things we've been able to do together so far. 


Weekend catch up

So, Monday. My whole body is so sore from shoveling all this frikken snow and also from my aerial silks class I took over the weekend. Let's talk about that: wow, aerial silks is my new obsession. I haven't been so focused, excited, motivated or just plain stoked about any kind of physical activity since being on BYUI's World Dance team 2 years ago. I love being so high up in the silks and making elegant poses haha I also love flipping upside down and stuff, that's scary but fun! I'm also learning the trapeze and lyra hoop.

If you're ever stressed out and need a reminder that you're doing pretty well in your life, watch this clock for five minutes. Just something I learned in my family finance class today. OH! I think I might go skiing this Saturday and I'm nervous but excited. We'll see how that goes, seeing as it's my very first time ever!!!! I have low expectations for myself in any sport so I can't disappoint. Speaking of skiing and cold, I've been crocheting a bunch of warm hats lately in the hope that I can donate them to a charity or refugee organization somewhere in Salt Lake. Crocheting is seriously so relaxing at the end of the day haha Mike calls me Grandma though.....why can't it be normal for 22 yr olds to love yarn?? haha

Anyway, that's all what's up lately. Here's to another cold week in February!