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this weekend we ran up in the canyon.
we picnicked, created flower crowns, made a music video and basked in the colorful landscapes of these gorgeous mountains. 


just your average emotional metaphor post

I love the ocean. I'm really a mermaid so there's that. I grew up on the beach. I cannot remember a summer when I didn't sleep in the sand, whether it was in Florida, Virginia Beach or Acapulco. 

my absolute favorite thing to do in the ocean is to float on my back and stare at the sky. to me, this is the most relaxing and peaceful place I have ever been physically and mentally. my happy place. 

--switch gears--

two weeks ago a good friend was willing to be my therapist for a night. he listened to all my thoughts, fears, frustrations and worries about my sister going through chemotherapy. at the end of my rant he gave me a lot of advice. he told me that I need to commit to letting myself experience every single emotion that comes into my life during this journey.

this really hit me.

because there are TONS of emotions going on like sometimes the injustice gets to me and I get so angry that my sister, the healthiest woman I know of, has this horrible, sickly disease
sometimes I feel somber as I think about what this cancer means for her and Derek's future
sometimes I feel relaxed and forget about cancer for almost an entire day
sometimes I feel like I can't do anything about anything so what's the point
sometimes I feel so happy and that everything is okay and is going to be okay
sometimes I feel sick leaving Sarah Kay because what if she will suddenly hurts and I'm not there
sometimes I feel inadequate to be caring for my sister because of my fainting disorder
sometimes I feel so happy when her, Derek and I watch funny videos and laugh together
sometimes it hurts my heart to see my sister so weak and in pain
and then through it all sometimes I catch myself smiling the entire day because I realize we are surrounded by so much love, from our family and friends and from the Heavens. 

I've begun to picture my happy place (floating in the ocean--see? I'm tying it all together) when I am overwhelmed with everything. I am also committing to feeling all these emotions flow through me. The ocean waves represent this crazy hard trial we are going through and right now I'm just floating. 

I won't myself bottle them up inside anymore. It hurts not only me but the relationships I have with others. It honestly is just a huge mess when they all explode at once. I'm learning how to let go and let myself feel al of these emotions, good and bad. Each of the feelings that I'm experiencing are important because they each play a part in molding me into my best self.

so there's that. 

now back to the ocean, let's go to the beach!


weekend update

shout out to Saturday Night Live for the perfect blog post title
(if you're lost watch the ultimate greatest SNL Weekend Update right here)

and with that taken care of, here's my weekend in photos: 

exercising and stuff.

BABIES. this is the highlight photo of the weekend. 

jumping for joy cause it's CONFERENCE WEEKEND
A toast to you President Monson!

checking out the view of SLC from Ensign Peak. I have this thing for sunsets and also Mike so it was a lovely night altogether. 
we danced and partied with Neon Trees at their free concert in Provo so that was rad.
guys it was such a wonderful weekend.