action packed weekend in san fran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well maybe not that action packed but hey, had to get your attention right? 

this weekend we took on the Golden City (I just googled "San Fran nicknames" so find a good one and apparently there's lots but Golden City seems like a good fit so yeah, I did my research). This wasn't our first time to San Fran together but it was my first time biking the bridge so we were STOKED.
Saturday afternoon we drove up to SF with borrowed bikes on the back of my borrowed jeep(great start I know) we biked through Golden Gate park for a bit with no real intention of seeing anything specific. This was great because we just saw what there was to see and didn't feel stressed to get to one place or another. 

This was the same for our Golden Gate Bridge adventure. We parked in the lower parking (we didn't realize there's higher parking so we had to bike uphill and were completely exhausted by the time we made it to the Bridge) Biking across the bridge was scary and windy and awesome and epic. On each side there was a magnificent view: the ocean and cliffs on one and the bustling pastel city on the other. 

We drove through Presidio (only the prettiest place and a favorite spot of Mike and I) on our way into the city to eat. We went home full of delicious food and wiped out from biking all day. SUCCESS

Then on Sunday we took an afternoon bike ride through Stanford campus right before sunset. Everything on campus is beautiful to me; the regal columns, the majestic arches and the strong sculptures. LOVE! my art heart just bursts. 

it was so windy!! we will definitely remember to bring more layers and maybe even hats and gloves!! no matter how hot of a day it is, it is the windiest ride!
overall I'd give two thumbs up to our



Funny things I find while scrolling my camera roll:

 Polka dot hollister will never die right??

Best phone wallpaper because it always makes me smile to see grumpy cat frown.

So my mother has worn these exact same Adidas slip ons since the late 90's and I think they're making a comeback!!??

Selfie of a nanny who finally got the fussy teething baby to nap.

the end.


happy balentime's

what a fun weekend it was.

on Friday after work I gave my nanny family a little Valentine book that I had made complete with photos of their kiddos and funny sayings from Jack and James. It was such a sweet way to start the weekend of love by creating a mini snapshot of their family at this moment in time. I want to do that same thing with my own kids someday!

Friday night we did a Costco run! It was so fun to run around the huge store with Mike and pick out food together. It's the first time since I've moved out here that we shopped together. I love making him sandwiches and salads for work. We are both eating SO MUCH healthier now that I'm here haha.

So. Now onto the weekend. 
This weekend I really learned that when you set your expectations low, EVERYTHING turns out to be totally awesome. I love being spontaneous with Mike and learning to go with the flow.

We started the day with breakfast and then set out for Half Moon bay! the whole afternoon consisted of us lounging on the beach and straight relaxing. 

For dinner we booked a sunset view table at Sam's Chowder house--like we sat down and the sun set 5 minutes later!! It was perfect timing! We ate Shrimp linguini and delicious sourdough till out stomachs hurt. 

Then we drove back home through awful traffic that made the usually 30 min trip into an hour and a half. UGH mike hates traffic but was a sweetheart and drove us home safe.

I love california. I love living in Palo Alto and being so close to so many different fun places! Like we have the mountatins, the beach and the city all in an hour driving distance. It's insanely awesome.